How To Help Ponca Bible Camp

Your help enables us to accomplish the mission of PBC every year, and “To Know Christ Personally and Make Him Known.”  There are many different ways you can help.


First and foremost, we covet your prayers.  We serve a mighty God, and know that he listens to our prayers.  Please be in prayer for:

  • Our campers: Their salvation, their growth in both their Christian and personal life, their commitment to the things they learn at camp – even when they are back home, and their safety
  • Our staff: Their walk with God, their wisdom, their ability to connect with campers, and their physical condition throughout camp 
  • Board Members: Their wisdom, their devotion to Christ, and their energy throughout the year
  • PBC: God’s hand of protection, facilities, and financial security


Sometimes the easiest thing to give is your time.  Every Spring we have a work weekend, and everyone is invited.  We also need an army of volunteer staff every camping season.  There are also many things you can do from your home.  Just give us the camp a call, or contact your nearest Board Member.  We always have something you can do!


Running the camp of course takes money.  There is Camp Administrator support, daily expenses, camp-related expenses, and facility maintenance.  While the camp is able to operate mainly through our Rental fees and Camp registration fees, we also rely on donations.  You can give money to a specific purpose or project, scholarships for campers, or simply for the general fund.  If you would like to donate, you can use our online form.


Sometimes the camp needs specific items.  And sometimes we get items donated that we didn’t know we needed!  If you are thinking of donating a specific item, please contact us to discuss.


  • UTV/Side By Side: The camp is need of a UTV to use as a work vehicle.  It will be used for maintenance around the campgrounds, so one with a bed is a must.