Camp Administrator Opening Information

Job Description

Ponca Bible Camp is seeking a Camp Administrator who loves Jesus and desires for others to personally know Him!  While the Camp Administrator position has many facets and requires a well-rounded person (or couple), above all the PBC Board is looking for someone who has leadership skills and experience in ministry.  Ponca has been serving campers and their families since 1947, and the board is looking for someone with a heart for camp ministry to help carry on the strong tradition of introducing youth to Jesus, challenging them in their faith, and equipping them to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

The Camp Administrator is the main facilitator in the weeks leading up to camp, and throughout the six weeks.  While the Director is expected to handle most staff/camper/operational issues during their week of camp, the Administrator will need to be an active part of camp.  He needs to be available and work together with the director and to provide continuity from week to week. The Administrator needs to be able to relate well with others and communicate effectively.  They should create a positive, Christ-like environment at camp as they are encouraging and uplifting the staff, equipping and empowering those at camp to fulfill their various roles.

Communication outside of camp is also very important.  The Camp Administrator should be able to use various forms of communication (website, newsletters, social media: Facebook, Instagram, etc) to provide information to campers, parents, and churches throughout the year.  Communication may be done directly, or at times, as oversight of interns and other people designated by the Board.

The Camp Administrator needs to be organized and detail oriented and is expected to maintain records for rentals and camp.  While final financial oversight is performed by the Board and designated treasurer, the Administrator is responsible for much of day-to-day purchases and planning.  The Administrator is expected to work together with the Board to define the budget, and must help to operate within its constraints.

The Camp administrator needs to have a collaborative nature.  He will need to collaborate with the board, rental groups, constituent churches, and stakeholders.  The camp administrator needs to communicate to the board any major expenses and no major purchases should be made without the approval of the board.

The Camp Administrator needs to have a servant’s heart for campers, rental groups and the community at large.  The board is seeking someone who will be an encourager and equipper during camp. The board is also looking for the administrator to be able to build and maintain relationships and friendships with rental groups and people in the Ponca community.

The Camp Administrator should be self-motivated and have a vision for the camp’s ministry to grow/expand.  He needs to be able to work with various churches and college campuses to find staff and promote camp. The board is looking for a collaborative individual who will communicate the short and long term vision for camp to stakeholders.   A strong work ethic, and the ability to see things that need to be done, and to have a vision and plan in how to achieve them, is required.

The Camp Administrator will live at camp and be in charge of overall upkeep of the grounds.  While extensive construction knowledge and/or abilities are not a requirement, they are encouraged.  Ability to perform minor, ongoing day-to-day maintenance, as well as general cleaning, is a must.

Above all, the Camp Administrator needs to have a strong personal relationship with Jesus and be actively growing in their own faith so they can then disciple and train others.


Camp Season
  • Prepare the campgrounds for the 6 weeks of camp
  • Communicate with camp directors, speakers, counselors, interns, campers/families
  • Update website/social media accounts
  • Plan menus and canteen inventory; order food and supplies for the camp season
  • Prepare training for the interns; provide resources for anyone helping with intern training
  • Be up to date on state health and safety regulations
  • Stock the first aid room with all necessary supplies
  • Prepare/review/update staff manuals
  • Be present and available 24/7 during the 6 weeks of camp

Rental Season
  • Advertise the opportunity to use the Ponca grounds for rental groups (conferences, retreats, family reunions, trainings, weekend camps, etc)
  • Prepare the campgrounds for each rental group before they arrive
  • Communicate with rental groups about dates/times/fees
  • Communicate expectations of facility usage
  • Collect fees and maintain records
  • Perform post-rental duties (inspecting, cleaning, etc)

Off Season
  • Maintain campgrounds
  • Create tasks/jobs for upcoming work weekends
  • Reach out to churches, communicating with them about Ponca’s ministry
  • Reach out to colleges, looking for camp/ministry fairs and intern opportunities
  • Recruit interns for the camping season
  • Lay out a vision with action steps to help Ponca grow in ministry and effectiveness
  • Update camper and staff databases
  • Communicate with supporters (quarterly newsletter)
  • Stay active on the website and social media accounts


  • A heart for camp ministry and supervisory skills for overseeing camp staff  
  • Hospitality skills in hosting rental groups and clear communication skills in conveying PBC rental policies and procedures to rental groups
  • Accurate record keeping skills for office administration and ordering all supplies
  • Patience and flexibility in working with volunteers and rental groups of varying church backgrounds
  • Ability to do general maintenance such as plumbing and other minor repairs.
  • Must agree with PBC’s doctrinal statement of faith, faithfully attend a church that aligns with PBC’s doctrinal statement and values, and seeking to grow spiritually through Bible reading and prayer


  • Free housing on campus in the Administrator’s Home (3 bedroom, 2 bath)
  • Free electricity, trash service, local phone service, and internet usage.
  • The Administrator will need to raise missionary support for their full salary and may find additional outside employment to supplement their income, provided it does not interfere with Camp Administrator’s duties.  Mileage reimbursement is provided in addition to the salary.
  • Administrator will receive training and coaching during financial support efforts.


The deadline for applications is July 9, 2018. Final decision will not be made until after the board meeting in August.

Before filling out the application for PBC administrator please read the above job description and PBC Doctrinal statement.  You will also need the following information to complete your application:
  • Your church website address
  • Your pastor’s name, phone number, and email address
  • Phone numbers and email addresses of two references that are not related to you

If you are unable to use the form below, you can go directly to the form here: Camp Administrator Application.

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